Friday 26 March 2021

Why Wales should vote TUSC

Welsh Labour have spent more than twenty years in power in Wales. Still, one in five adults and almost one in three children are in poverty.

It's clear that twenty years of Welsh Labour "managing" capitalism and capitulating to Tory cuts from London has been a failure and we need an alternative.

Just waiting for a future Labour government in London has never been a good solution. It's unconscionable now that the Labour party is being led by Sir Keir Starmer.

In Wales, England and Scotland, workers, socialists, and trade unionists are standing together in elections as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC).

TUSC candidates believe that the Welsh Parliament should be leading a fight today for the resources we need in society. These candidates pledge to vote against all cuts budgets, not pass them on with crocodile tears.

Labour won't commit to this. Plaid won't commit to this. The Green Party won't commit to this. In Brighton last year, the Green Party's answer to Labour's proposed £1.47 million cut to learning disability services was a £1.24 million cut instead - and they said it like it was a good thing.

TUSC candidates reject the idea that we've got no choice. In the Welsh Parliament elections, everyone should vote for the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition as the best way to support fighting candidates ready to defend and extend jobs, pay and services, not manage their decline.

TUSC candidates deserve your vote, your campaign donations, and your help getting their message out. If you can help in any way, contact us today.

All candidates have pledged to take only the average worker’s wage in Wales if elected. TUSC will be standing for:
  • Universal free school meals for all pupils
  • Opposition to all cuts and closures to public services, jobs, pay and conditions.
  • For an immediate investment in the NHS to reverse previous cutbacks and a 15% pay rise for all NHS and care workers
  • A united working-class struggle against racism
  • Renationalisation of rail and public transport to electrify Wales railways
  • For rent controls, secure tenancies and end to evictions.
  • Nationalise energy utilities to create a publicly-owned energy company to build tidal lagoons on the Swansea, Cardiff and North Wales coasts and to make Wales 100% green energy self-sufficient
  • For a multi-option referendum on independence
  • Full law-making and tax raising powers for the Welsh Parliament including the power to nationalise companies threatening closure
Promoted by Dave Warren, TUSC Wales secretary, on behalf of TUSC Wales, 29 Tir Y Farchnad, Gowerton SA4 3GS

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