Wednesday 10 March 2021

NHS Workers - "Disgusted but unsurprised" at real pay cut offer

Beth Webster, nurse at UHW hospital in Cardiff and TUSC candidate on the South Wales Central list, says, "Disgusted but unsurprised is how NHS workers feel about the 1% pay deal.

"Everyone's heard about the diabolical treatment of NHS workers during the pandemic, but we're not demanding a 15% pay rise because we think we need a reward or a pat on the back.

"We actually need a pay rise. Our wages have fallen by up to 20% in a decade.

"We shouldn't have to work extra agency or bank shifts, take second jobs, on top of full time hours, on top of all the unpaid overtime we do. We cannot provide good, safe patient care when we're exhausted.

"The pandemic shows however bad things get in the NHS, Westminster and the Assembly are never going to give us proper pay or funding off their own backs.

"We have to fight for it. Get involved in your union, in your local 'NHS Workers Say No' group. Talk to your colleagues, get them involved. Prepare to be balloted and vote for industrial action."

National Shop Stewards Network groups are hosting an online meeting TOMORROW (Thursday 11th March) at 6pm to assist NHS workers to organise and fight back.

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