Friday 5 March 2021

Bakers' Union Members are Right: Starmer's Labour Party Doesn't Serve Their Interests

Only 9% of BFAWU members think Labour under Starmer will fight for them. That's why support for building a new workers' party and TUSC is growing. 

As reported in The Socialist:

"Former Labour MP Chris Williamson, representing ‘Resist: the Movement for a People’s Party’ on the TUSC steering committee, said: “Amy’s decision to join TUSC’s national steering committee is a further indication that a political alternative is needed. “Usdaw has always been very loyal to the Labour Party, so it is very significant that one of the union’s most senior figures has thrown her weight behind TUSC. “We are building a strong coalition of trade unionists and socialists to give people hope that an alternative to the neoliberal nightmare is possible. People are understandably dissatisfied with the existing political status quo and I’m sure that Amy’s decision will encourage others to follow her example”."

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