Thursday 11 March 2021

The number is 15%, Angela

MPs like Angela Rayner got a £10,000 bonus at the start of the pandemic. Nurses, who on average earn less than half MPs, got nothing but danger as they fought in the front line against the virus.

It's disgraceful, when NHS workers have demonstrated up and down the country for a 15% pay rise to begin to recover the 20% they've lost in the last decade, that politicians like Rayner refuse to get behind that campaign, repeating instead the 2.1% figure that other leading Labour MPs like John Ashworth have been touting.

UK billionaires gave increased their wealth by a third during the pandemic, yet Labour won't even back a modest increase to the tax on profits.

Labour are a party of big business. Support TUSC candidates standing in elections this year as a step towards building a new party.

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