Friday 12 March 2021

PCS Members in DVLA Swansea Vote to Strike: TUSC Backs You 100%

We send solidarity and good luck to PCS members in the Driver and Vehicle Licencing Agency in Swansea after acheiving a decisive vote in favour of strike action against the lack of safety in this dangerous period.

Forcing 2000 workers to attend the office unnecessary risks increasing the spreading the virus, threatening another lockdown.

Maximum pressure must be brought to bear on DVLA management to act now to protect the safety of their workforce. We cannot rely on the toothless Health and Safety Executive, which hasn't shut a single workplace in the whole of the pandemic despite 3500 outbreaks in work, or the Welsh government, which has failed to intervene. The union branch has been steadfast in its campaign to keep workers out of the workplace and safely at home. They are fighting to keep us all safe.

(Photo: Dave Warren, TUSC Wales Secretary and former PCS DVLA branch secretary)

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