Thursday 4 March 2021

A Pay Cut for the NHS in Real Terms?

If reports are accurate, and NHS workers are facing a pay cut in real terms after sacrificing so much (after sacrficing everything, for some), then there isn't a person in the country who wouldn't blame them if they went on strike to force the government into awarding a decent pay rise.

NHS workers have lost 20% of their pay over the last decade. They can't afford to lose any more.

We can't afford them to either, because if pay worsens further then the already acute recruitment crisis will sharpen to the point where it could collapse the system.

If elected, TUSC members of the Welsh Parliament would call for the Welsh NHS to pay a decent pay rise, regardless of what was happening in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We'd set a budget that would start to rebuild pay in the NHS and pay for the health and other services we all need and we'd call for a mass campaign demanding the funding we need from Westminster. 

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