Wednesday 11 February 2015

Victory for Cardiff's Branch Library Campaigners! Keep up the pressure to cancel all cuts.

Branch library campaigners in Cardiff have WON!

Cardiff Council has been forced by the pressure of protesters to back off from its plan to close seven branch libraries in the city.

Campaigners had joined the protest lobby of the last Council meeting organised by Cardiff Against The Cuts (in the snow!) and rallied outside Central Library last weekend in demonstrations that told councillors emphatically that if they pressed ahead they'd be punished by their constituents.

Unison, which represents library workers, and campaigners are over the moon, but they're not laying down their banners yet. Although Cardiff Council says they won't cut off funding in April as planned, they are going to use the year to try to find "partners" to take over the facilities - in other words, they're going to come back for them next year if they think they'll be able to get away with it.

What's more, there is still a long list of facilities and services threatened with the axe, including Central library itself, the parks, the drug and alcohol counselling service, playcentres, youth clubs like Howardian Youth Music Centre, day centres for the elderly and much more.

But everyone can gain courage from the clear proof that campaigning works! Let's build the protest on budget day and chalk up another win for our side. Forward a link to this article to all your contacts, share the Facebook event like mad and invite your friends.


Meet at 330pm, Thursday 26th February, at City Hall, Cathays Park

But you've got to wonder why we're in this mess in the first place. Why are our Councils filled
with politicians who, instead of standing up for us and for the failtieis we need, instead doing
the dirty work of the Tory-Liberal government? Time we had our own coalition of
representatives, willing to stand up to big business and its representatives. Support the
Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition in this year's historic election challenge.

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