Tuesday 24 February 2015

“Pay me a third of the wage” says Llanelli MP hopeful


usdaw leftA candidate to be the next MP for Llanelli has pledged that if elected he will only take the average wage of Llanelli constituents. The announcement comes in the wake of public outcry at revelations of "cash for access" involving senior politicians.

As another financial scandal engulfs the Houses of Parliament with serious allegations made against senior MPs from both the Conservatives and Labour Party, one MP hopeful has pledged to make a clean break with what he calls the "parliamentary gravy train".

Scott Jones, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition(TUSC) candidate for Llanelli, said: "Working-class people are rightly disgusted by the news emerging about senior Tory and Labour MPs yet again offering their services to the highest bidders.

"What is incredible is that the Tory Malcolm Rifkind actually said that MPs are low-paid on more than £60,000 a year. Try telling that to care workers struggling on minimum wage zero-hours contracts!

"Meanwhile, New Labour's Tony Blair has taken time out from his round-the-world junkets with assorted dictators to outrageously try to defend his fellow war criminal Jack Straw. Once again, the very people responsible for destroying the last vestiges of socialism within the Labour Party have demonstrated their outstanding ability to enrich themselves off the backs of the working people who put them into their positions of power.

"This scandal highlights the increasingly identical nature of the four main parties whose politicians all have their snouts in the trough on the parliamentary gravy train as well all backing continued cuts, privatisation and capitalist austerity policies. No wonder just 16% in recent opinion polls trust politicians to tell the truth, who are amazingly even less trusted than bankers!

"I'm standing to be a voice for ordinary people, not to enrich myself. I restate my commitment now that if I'm elected as a TUSC candidate I will only take the average full-time wage of Llanelli residents, which is currently around £23,000 a year, approximately one third of the current wage for an MP. Any money on top of this will be put towards a solidarity fund to support grassroots community and workers' campaigns.

"There's only one group of people who will pull my strings – the ordinary working-class residents of Llanelli who deserve a representative in Parliament who will stand up and fight for their interests, not just the interests of those with the biggest pockets."

Scott Jones is a 26 year old retail worker and is a local branch secretary of the shop workers union USDAW.

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition was formed in 2010 by the late Bob Crow and the RMT union, the Socialist Party, SWP and independent socialists.

For more information, email scottfrankjones@hotmail.co.uk or visitwww.facebook.com/LlanelliTUSC or http://www.tusc.org.uk.

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