Wednesday 18 April 2012

The Southern Cross Model for Council Services

Cardiff's Liberal/Plaid Council has pledged to cut another £14million from services this year, including vicious cuts to support for children in care. Another 160 workers will be sent down the road, following the 1000 that the coalition has axed so far.

£14.5m of Council assets and £12.9 million of school land and buildings will be sold off to property developers. Huge numbers of Council workplaces will close, especially in Mental Health, and the remaining workers crammed into a handful of big workplaces, mostly in Cardiff Bay.  But it has emerged that two of the biggest - Wilcox House and Global Link on Dunleavey Drive -  aren't even owned by Cardiff Council. Why are public assets being sold off at the bottom of the market, when the prices will be at their lowest? Why are Council services going to be run out of rented buildings, allowing some landlord to dip his hands into our tax money? And why is the Labour "opposition" in Cardiff silent on the issue?

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