Monday 23 April 2012

Cardiff Council Cuts Teaching Budget

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) in Cardiff revealed today that Cardiff Council has slashed almost £2.955 million from the main teaching budget for the city's schools.

 A request made under the Freedom of Information Act by Ross Saunders, TUSC candidate for Canton, uncovered the cut, as well as a plan to cut around another £2million over the next two years

Ross said, "This Council has cut a million every year from the main teaching budget and they plan to go on doing it. This year, Education and Social Services for Adults and Chidren were all cut in real terms, hitting the most vulnerable in society. Support for children in care will be targetted this year, while last year the Council closed care homes and cut support for elderly people who need help in the home. Essential services are being cut to the bone because Cardiff Council and the Labour-run Welsh Assembly won't stand up and fight the cuts demanded by Westminster. The Council is sitting on reserves of £61 million, and according to its own officers will be able to safely borrow another £100 million. TUSC calls on the council to build a mass campaign to demand adequate funding to stop the cuts, spend its reserves and borrow to keep services and jobs in the city while the campaign builds momentum."

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