Monday 5 April 2021

TUSC Wales candidates pledge action for LGBT+ rights


Photo: Sarah Sachs-Eldridge

TUSC Wales candidates applaud the Stonewall Cymru LGBT manifesto launched 29th March. Everyone should support, at a minimum, these important demands.

But achieving these policies requires a fight for the resources we need in society. We need an end to austerity budgets carried out at the behest of big business. TUSC candidates reject the idea that Senedd members and councillors have got no choice but to pass on cuts demanded by the Tory government in Westminster.

Workers, socialists, and trade unionists are standing together in the Welsh Parliament elections as part of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC). We would lead a fight for the Welsh government to demand the funding needed for services, including LGBT+ services.

Our candidates stand for a mass council house building program, rent controls, and an end to evictions. In addition to targeted measures, this would help address LGBT+ homelessness and make it easier for people to leave homophobic and transphobic homes and locations.

We will reverse cuts to public transport and take public transport into public ownership, so that LGBT+ people aren't isolated, particularly in rural communities.

Rising LGBT+ hate crime in Wales must be combated with a united working class struggle against all forms of oppression, for LGBT+ liberation, and a socialist world.

Socialist Party Wales candidates standing for TUSC say "yes" to self-ID for trans people.

TUSC would reverse cuts to the NHS and increase funding and staffing with a 15% pay rise for all NHS staff. We need NHS investment in general but also specifically in order to offer trans and non-binary people additional gender affirming services not currently available in Wales, such as facial feminisation surgery and permanent facial hair removal options for those who want it.

The belated Welsh Gender Identity Clinic is doing great work, but needs urgent support to bring down the 30 month waiting time. We also need a Welsh NHS gender service for people under the age of 18, in line with international standards, for which no provision currently exists.

LGBT+ workers still face horrendous discrimination and harassment in the workplace, made worse by job insecurity. TUSC Senedd members would fight to ban exploitative zero-hours contracts and back the work of fighting trade unions to challenge discrimination of all kinds in the workplace.

Gareth Bromhall, TUSC candidate for South Wales West region and in the Swansea Castle Ward by-election, said: "TUSC pledges to tackle barriers and support LGBT+ rights and services, including supporting the demands rightfully raised by the Stonewall Cymru LGBT manifesto, and to go further, to demand the resources and socialist changes desperately needed in Welsh society, even when other parties will say 'it can't be done'."

Vote Trade Unionist and Socialist on May 6th and support working class fighters for LGBT+ rights.

Come to the launch of the TUSC Wales election campaign:

Thursday April 8th at 7.30pm
Zoom ID: 839 9844 5107

Promoted by Dave Warren, TUSC Wales secretary, on behalf of TUSC Wales, 29 Tir Y Farchnad, Gowerton SA4 3GS

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