Saturday 7 March 2015

Blair's Blood Money Backs Cardiff's Labour candidates.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has offered Jo Stevens, and Mari Williams, Labour candidates for Cardiff Central and Cardiff North respectively a donation of £1,000 each.

Blair is rightly hated for his role in the Iraq war which claimed the lives of thousands of ordinary Iraqi civilians, and TUSC Wales calls on both candidates to refuse the blood money.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair - cartoon by Alan hardman 
The money is part of a wider donation totalling £106,000 to the local campaigns in each of Labour's 106 key target seats.

Part of the way Blair has made his money since leaving office is giving out PR advice to the dictator of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. If you want to get away with the murdering civilians like Nazarbayev get in touch with Tony today.

Blair's represents so much of what is wrong with the Labour party and British politics. A stalwart of privatisation he left the NHS with £70bn worth of debt as a result of the governments PFI schemes.

He also began the neo liberal assault on education by introducing tuition fees for university students and then tripling them to £3,000. Instead of education, education, education, Blairs slogan should have been profit, profit, profit.

The trade union and socialist coalition candidate for Cardiff Central, Stephen Williams has condemned the donation saying; "Ordinary people in Cardiff know that it was Blair that took us to an illegal war in Iraq and ended the socialist principles of old Labour. We all know that Blairism stands for war and an anti-working class, pro-capitalist rule."

The current MP for Cardiff Central is Liberal Democrat Jenny Willot and as socialists we wan't to kick her and the brutal Conservatives out of government, but we need  a genuine alternative to replace her. This blood soaked donation shows Milliband's labour isn't a break from the politics of the last decades, it's a continuation of them, and working class candidates who stand against war, and austerity are needed.

TUSC demonstrating agiasnt war.

TUSC is standing at least 100 parliamentary candidates in the general election, but we won't be taking a penny of war criminals or big bushiness. We want to create a genuine alternative to the likes of new Labour. Socialism would mean an end to war for profit, and the misery inflicted on the working class by successive governments that represent the rich. If you support these ideas, get involved and vote TUSC!

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