Thursday 29 January 2015

Unite throws away £1.5 million on Labour but a tenner for TUSC is better value for Unite members

Unite the Union has given the Labour Party £1.5 million for its General Election campaign funds. A tenner for TUSC is a bigger investment in fighting austerity.
That would be the same Labour Party that has pledged to continue with the public sector pay freeze, condemning union members to even more pay misery?
Or the Labour Party that is pledged to continue with cuts, costing further trade unionists' jobs?
The Labour Party whose councillors, up and down the country, have implemented Con-Dem cuts, laying off union members, privatising and axing services that trade unionists and their families rely on?
The Labour Party which refuses to support union members who fight back against cuts and falling living standards?
If you're a Unite member who's sick of Labour taking your funds and implementing cuts, could you consider giving a tenner for TUSC?
• TUSC representatives will vote against all cuts.
• TUSC demands an end to privatisation.
• TUSC always supports workers fighting to protect their jobs and services.
£10 pounds invested in TUSC's election campaign will strike a bigger blow against cuts and austerity than the £1.5 million that Unite has just squandered on the Labour Party.
Donate to the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition http://www.tusc.org.uk/donate

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